Universal Solution’s ‘Bandur’ EP
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Universal Solution aka Gavin Holland returns to Anjunadeep with the ‘Bandur EP,’ following 2013’s sleeper hits “Yukon” and “Osheen.”
Featured on the chart-topping Anjunadeep 06 compilation, title track “Bandur” showcases the high energy side of the Universal Solution sound, fusing low-end swells with a ravey vocal sample and trademark cosmic atmosphere.
“Lost Code” is a throwback to 90’s acid house, with a classic progressive twist – imagine DJ Pierre crossed with Tom Middleton. Subtle melodic flourishes ebb and flow in another intricate composition.
Closing the EP is “Wukari,” a ten minute epic through the full range of Gavin’s sounds. Beautiful cinematic soundscapes wash over an absorbing groove interspersed with sumptuous beatless moments.

Originally written for ENL by euphoria

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