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Following an incredible run of west coast shows, legendary electronic musicians THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS return to the New York tri-state area for the first time since 2010 where they will headline the Electric Zoo: Transformed music festival.  They will perform on Friday, September 4 over Labor Day Weekend joining headliners Above & Beyond and Alesso at New York City’s largest electronic music festival taking place at Randall’s Island Park.


What can fans expect? Their new live show has garnered glowing reviews in the media:


“…’90s staples the Chemical Brothers reversed course entirely, delivering the undisputed set of the night with an hour and a half of live techno that felt volatile, alien and absolutely pleasure-centric…Highlights from their great new album Born in the Echoes, including the sad but hard-stepping ‘Sometimes I Feel So Deserted,’ dove headlong into house uplifts like ‘Star Guitar’ and the big-beat sass of ‘Galvanize’ and ‘Block Rockin’Beats.’

Video projections veered from ambient scenes to ’60s kabuki acid trips.”

— August Brown, LOS ANGELES TIMES (August 2, 2015)
“Best: The Chemical Brothers

That Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons are still making music 20 years after their landmark debut album, Exit Planet Dust, is remarkable enough. That they have managed to stay relevant is, in the fickle world of dance music, nothing short of miraculous…the Chems threw down a relentlessly energetic 90-minute set that made few concessions to today’s build-and-drop EDM formulas, sticking instead to their patented brew of breakbeats, acid house, hip-hop and psychedelic noise. Their set’s weirdest moments, including a freakout mashup of ‘Escape Velocity’ and ‘The Golden Path,’ probably sent some of the younger fans scurrying…

But even the ones who didn’t quite get it knew they had never heard anything like it.” — Andy Hermann, LA WEEKLY (August 3, 2015)
“Dance music OGs the Chemical Brothers set it off with ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl,’ charging through a blistering and dynamic set that stands out among the days most satisfying sets. Picking through their extensive catalog, founding member Tom Rowlands (Ed Simons is not performing on this tour) fires up Chems classics ‘Out of Control,’ ‘Setting Sun’” and ’Star Guitar’ from behind banks of gear and fog machines and particularly dazzling visuals. They also drop in new songs from the recently released Born in the Echoes album, including ‘Go’ and ’EML Ritual.’”          –Scott Sterling, BILLBOARD (August 2, 2015)
“For the next 90+ minutes The Chemical Brothers filled the room with beats, lasers and good vibes.

Throughout the night, the video wall behind the stage played a visual mashup of the Chemical Brothers most recognizable imagery, and set the tone for the nights light show. Highlights of the show were the emergence of the giant floating robots that shot lasers out of their eyes, and the religious styled stained glass slideshow during the duo’s encore set of ‘The Private Psychedelic Reel.'”   –Derek Tobias, EXAMINER.COM (August 1, 2015)


“The Chemical Brothers performed its headline set with the kind of its veteran savvy style you’d expect from the duo, with a mixture of new and old big beat and electronic dance hits.  Opening with a green laser light display that appeared to hover over the crowd…The Chemical Brothers then played an extended version of 1999s ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl.’ A gigantic human-like figure who danced along to the music on the large screen behind them and smoke machines also added to the vibe.  One of the British duos newest cuts was its bassline-heavy track with hip-hop artist Q-Tip titled ’Go,’ which prompted fans to throw up their hands. The Chemical Brothers kept the vibe going with 2010s ‘Swoon’ and 2007s hard-to-get-out-of-your head ‘Do It Again.’ The Chemical Brothers concluded the set with 2005s rhythmic ‘Galvanize,’ another Q-Tip featured song only this time without the legendary emcee, and 1997s pulsating ’Block Rockin Beats,’ which was electric live.”         — Wes Woods, INLAND VALLEY DAILY BULLETIN (August 2, 2015)


“The Chemical Brothers headlined…and schooled everyone on what a proper live-electronic show is supposed to look like. Their visual-perfection paired with this killer track [‘Sometimes I Feel So Deserted’] off of Born in the Echoes closed out the first night right.”        — MIXMAG (August 3, 2015)

“There was an undeniable energy simmering prior to the Chemical Brothers’ Saturday night set…Flanked by their machines on all sides and swathed in green lasers, Tom Rowlands and visual guru Adam Smith opened with the classic ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl,’ which had everyone chanting in unison before the beat kicked in. When the last note of their set faded, the riotous cheer continued even after the crew had begun packing down their equipment.”  — Shea Kopp, BEATPORT (August 4, 2015)

“Luckily, everyone got the memo for what was day one’s most storied moment: a live set from The Chemical Brothers. Sans Ed Simons, and against a mesmerizing Kubrick-esque backdrop, Tom Rowlands and longtime visual mastermind Adam Smith captured the masses with material from their new album spliced with old classics like ‘Swoon’ and ‘Block Rockin’ Beats,’ leading a trip down electronica’s memory lane without ever sounding dated.”       — Mycah Seals, THUMP (August 3, 2015)


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