Teen Daze Shares Single From “A World Away” EP

Listen to “Another Night

Photo Credit: Landon Speers
“The last two years have been busy for Jamison of Teen Daze: three LPs released, several EPs and singles, and months of touring throughout North America and Europe.  With each step, Teen Daze has matured from its humble bedroom-project beginnings, to a fully-formed, diverse, musical expression.  Always shifting sounds, trying never to repeat himself, Jamison has carved out his own unique voice in the world of electronic music; whether it’s the synth-laden, utopian dreams of “All Of Us, Together”, the inward-searching, spiritual dream pop of “The Inner Mansions” or the exploration into the frozen post-rock wilderness of “Glacier”. Teen Daze “A World Away” EP is due out January 12, 2015.”

(Single Artwork)
Teen Daze A World Away EP

1. Sun Burst
2. Another Night
3. Reykjavik, January 2015
4. Than
5. Desert
6. I Feel God In The Water

Tour Dates

11/14 – Helsinki, Finland – Kuudes Linja
1/15 – Oslo, Norway – Blaa
1/16 – Stockholm, Sweden – Boqueria (DJ Set)
1/17 – Stockholm, Sweden – Debaser (Bar Brooklyn)
1/18 – Göteborg, Sweden – Pustervik
1/21 – Hamburg, Germany – Ubel & Gefärhlrich
1/22 – Stuttgart, Germany – Freud & Kupferstecher
1/23 – Berlin, Germany – Gretchen
1/24 – Carpi, Italy – Mattatoio Culture Club
1/28 – London, England – Birthdays
1/29 – Nyon, Switzerland – La Parenthèse
1/30 – Bucharest, Romania – Control Club
1/31 – Baden, Switzerland – One Of A Million Festival

Originally written for ENL by euphoria

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