Just in time for the first days of Summer in the northern Hemisphere, Raz Nitzan and Ana Criado’s well titled track “The Spirit of Summer” gets a high-octane remix by newcomer Dustin Husain. The original clocking into the lower range BPM gets a full blown upgrade by Husain, who gracefully morphs it into a high tempo remix. It’s non stop energy throughout in conjunction with Criado’s legendary vocals echoing through the track.

Where the original packs a punch with it’s bass line, this remix by Husain breathes new life into the track. He flawlessly compliments Criado’s vocals with the synths and drum patterns rifling throughout at high speed. This remix is prime example of the meaning of “uplifting trance”. The energy that is pouring out of this remix is infectious. It’s not a surprise as to why Nitzan chose Husain to remix this wonderful track on Amsterdam Trance Records. Most definitely a track worthy of peak hours at the club without a doubt and something that the heavy hitters of trance should include in their arsenal. This, especially with Luminosity Beach Festival looming on the horizon.


Albeit a newcomer in the world of trance, the Los Angeles based DJ and producer has gained recognition from trance music’s top artists. Garnering plays and features from the likes of Solarstone and Sean Tyas doesnt come with ease. The two genius producers are highly selective with their tracks, thus making this a grand feat for Husain; all the while, playing alongside the most respected of trance DJs at various clubs in Southern California. The most important part of it all, Husain is staunch on perfecting his works. It is something that holds true in the quality of his music. While he climbs to the top in the domain of trance, Husain is an artist to listen closely to.



Dustin Husain’s remix of  “The Spirit of Summer” is now available to download and stream on multiple platforms. Click here for links.

For more of Dustain Husain you can catch him on Facebook | Soundcloud |

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