In a world of cookie cutter tracks, it’s refreshing to listen to one that takes you by surprise. A track that is filled with a rush of energy and feels like a nonstop elevator into euphoria. That’s exactly what the new collaboration by Philippe El Sisi & Ahmed Romel entails. A majestic and fresh track is the outcome when the man behind Orchestrance and the long time FSOE producer join forces.

A booming bass line and interesting, groovy acid lines make up the sounds of the intro. An orchestral breakdown takes hold straight after that climaxes into euphoria. FSOE veterans Philippe El Sisi & Ahmed Romel pour a new energy into a track that deviates from the norm of FSOE releases and releases in general. It’s a track that simply takes you by surprise. When you give it first listen and you expect something in particular but directs elsewhere. What appears as a banger morphs into the definition of uplifting. Despite presenting itself with a party vibe at first, the track is emotion, it bangs but it also evokes feeling. This is a peak time monstrosity if there ever was one.

“Till We Meet Again” is the grandiose quality expected from a renowned label such as FSOE Recordings. This high caliber track is great for club peak hours, even better for a gym session and absolute perfection for a surge of euphoria when you need it. You can purchase your very own copy on your desired platform by clicking this link. All in all, hopefully the two mega talents off the Symbols camp come together again soon, this track will leave fans eager for another collaboration.


Ahmed Romel, Symbols Agency

Philippe El Sisi, Symbols Agency











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