Truth be told, we never quite got to the bottom of what was behind the inscrutably fascinating title of Paul Miller’s last VANDIT outing. Having rocked up on floors at the end of last year with suitable vengeance, ‘Plick Plack’ must now be X-Filed in trance music’s titular mystery draw!

The enigma is though now academic… Why? Well because there’s fresh Paul Miller production business to attend to! This time out the track’s designation could hardly be clearer. A sublimely sublimating ride to the trance’s harmonic side, simply, oasis is what ‘Oasis’ does!

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Putting some real spring into the Spring, Miller’s latest is the perfect gathering of thermally uplifting pads & chords, temperate synths and warm surrounding FX atmosphere.

Paul suffuses ‘Oasis’s break with some evocatively mystical Eastern wind instruments – yes indeed, this time out the intrigue is all in his music! With a production backbone built to drive its point home, late, late into the night, ‘Oasis’ is ready to take you to some very special places.

Better yet, it’s out today.


01: Oasis (Original Mix)

Originally written for ENL by Starkprofilespr

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