Frank Dueffel - Adiabatic (Original Mix)  Master

‘Adiabatic’ may be his debut signing to VANDIT, but unlikely this is the first time you’re hearing the name ‘Frank Dueffel’.

In a little over 3 years the producer has amassed a disc & remixography as wide in range as it is high in quality! From his home base in Wesseling, Germany he’s inked his master-blasting productions and reworks to a litany of European labels, Outburst Records, Black Hole, Phoenix Recordings, Komplex Sounds and High Contrast Recordings among them.

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With musical influences including Paul van Dyk, Activa, Astral Projection, Simon Patterson and Liquid Soul, even if this is your first Frank encounter, you’ve probably already got a good idea of what ‘Adiabatic’ has in store.

With a production mainframe built from fast running kick-drums, raging acid, serrated riffs and psy-trance FX, peak-time is dead centre of its crosshairs! At the top-of-the-drop, Dueffel’s thunderous beats meet his ripping synths with a tectonic force that the floor may Frankly, may never recover from!
Prime trance real estate, ‘Adiabatic’s out today!


01: ‘Adiabatic’ (Original Mix)

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