Vandit Allstars at Dream Nightclub with Paul van Dyk & More March 27th, 2014

Thursday night, Miami Music week; a night when many are just arriving, and, for others, a night many look at with shadows of trophies in their eyes. For some of us, March 27th marked day 5 of parties in Miami. For us, tonight needed to be big, if for nothing but for fear of us puttering out earlier than the DJs. The good news was that someone else out there knew the importance of this night, and, apparently that man was one of the biggest names in trance. Paul van Dyk. Named for his record label, Vandit, PvD and his staff took on the not-so-tiny task of filling an oh-so-important night with monster tunes and enough DJs to keep all eyes open, even this old gal. Vandit Allstars, as expected, was full of yummy artists like AlexM.O.R.P.H. b2b-ing with Woody van Eyden, as well as Las Salinas, Genix, Maarten de Jong, Tristan D, Ben Nicky, David Forbes, Kaeno and Chris Bekker. On the roster was Jordan Suckley as well, however, sadly, he was not able to attend.

As anyone who knows me (or has read my recent reviews), knows that I adore Dream. Of my top two venues- Dream and SET- Dream is so laid back and appropriate for trance lovers. We’re a tight knit family, and this venue has “family” written all over it. It’s a familiar place for all of us, coming from every corner of the globe- and we all look forward to any good show here. So, appropriately, when Vandit announced the “Allstars” event in Miami, many of us did not hesitate to make a permanent spot on our MMW calendars; which is saying a lot when you consider how much was happening on this particular night this year. Up against Markus Schulz and many others, I was nervous to see what the crowd would be like.

Kaeno opened the night for this massive trance line up, and as I walked in I was able to hear him spinning trance classics and proper progressive tracks that were already beginning to wake up the crowd. It was evident from the very first moment that this night was not only going to be great, but that no one would be leaving early for fear of MMW exhaustion. In proper Dream fashion, I found that the crowd was a good 50/50 split of diehard fans, and amazing artists. Everyone from Fadi (of Aly& Fila) to Sied van Riel and David Forbes, was roaming the dance floor mingling with fans. As I saw the shimmer of initial recognition from fans faces as they ran into some of their favorite artists, I smiled and took in the opportunity once more to be happy for them. Just like the nights before this, everyone seemed genuinely happy to chat with their fans and tell stories and answer questions. In fact, when finding Snjieder over by the bar, I met with a smile that might have been even larger than my own. Nothing more special than being reminded that these guys are not only talented, but human as well.

Through the next few hours we met with more artists as they came in to say hi, and I watched as the crowd on the dance floor tripled. Around midnight something happened that, while expected, was quite extraordinary for many people- as they looked around and saw a new face in the crowd. Paul van Dyk had practically sneaked in unnoticed until he made it to the dance floor. It’s no surprise to me, because the music being played for us was that good. As M.O.R.P.H. and van Eyden were all grins.

As the night progressed, the highly anticipated guest slowly made his way to the DJ booth. We all claimed to know that this was coming, but none of us can lie and say that our days weren’t scattered with at least a little doubt. Paul himself, took over the decks and his grin was huge. PvD actually may have been even happier to play than we all were to see him, if that is even at all possible. He spent the next hour plus jumping, singing and playing for us as we all lost ourselves in his great music. While on decks we even had the blessing of live performances by Sue McLaren and Daniel Nitt! There was nothing that could have made us happier at that very moment, except the realization that it wasn’t even over yet!

For the rest of the night the music got harder and faster, and we all grew more and more energetic. I found myself jumping around to music that I was not expecting with energy that I have no idea where it came from. The crowd grew again around 2am, and the venue was about as comfortable as it was going to get. Not one body seemed to be untouched by the trance.

As I left Dream, it hit me that it was my last show this year, at this venue. I silently nodded in acceptance, as I could not have asked for more from a “closing” show. The energy, the crowd, the talented line-up, the tracks, the roaming artists and the fabulous venue staff- all lined up in perfection. Thank you to each and every one of you, from the bottom of my old, trance loving heart. Nights like this will not be forgotten, as will serve as a reminder that no matter where you are in life, no matter how tired you think you are, there is always room for a night full of fabulous.

Review by Samantha Scroxton

Photography by Joel Marcano for

This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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