Event Review: Skrillex and Friends at Pier of Fear

Featuring, Fight Clvb, Vindata, Jahlil Beats, marshmello, and DJ Sliink

Halloween is one of New York City’s biggest nights, with the streets filled with costumed ghouls and gals looking to party. Each year, RPM’s Pier of Fear serves as one of the biggest parties of halloween night, filling the massive Pier 94 with thousands of ravers. This year was no different, bringing a massive line-up of OWSLA artists along with the head honcho himself, Skrillex. Pair that with a 5,000 square foot haunted house, food trucks, and an extra hour thanks to Daylight Savings Time, Pier of Fear was the perfect destination for a rave-tastic Halloween.

The night started earlier than most ravers are used to, opening up at 9pm and going until 4am. Up and comers Jahlil Beats, and Vindata got the night started, amping up the crowd upon arrival. Vindata eased the crowd into the bass to the other side of the trap spectrum with their ethereal tracks like “Wide Awake” and “Getting Away” featuring Mack. Soon after, Jahlil Beats brought his hip-hop influenced bass, shaking the walls with the energy from his set, followed by a brief performance from Brooklyn rap sensation Leikeli47. New York was buzzing with the performance announcement of marshmello, the anonymous glucose-coated trap sensation’s debut live performance. After infectious original tracks like “HoMe” and “BoUnCe”, it was sure to be a memorable set. While marshmello kept true to his pop-rock electronica sound, there were times that the set seemed like regurgitated remixes of the same tracklist that Skrillex and friends often play. Regardless, the excitement was real and the energy was immediate as soon as marshmello took to the stage.

Leikeli47 took to the stage for a brief 15 minute performance of tracks off of her new album, which unfortunately seemed to remain overwhelmingly misunderstood by the the neon-raver Pier of Fear crowd. Fans booed the masked rapper’s performance, going as far as rudely throwing bottles and such towards the stage in protest to her performance. Despite her talents (and putting on a killer albeit brief performance) Pier of Fear just wasn’t ready for it.

Around 1am, it was time for the head alien himself. Skrillex came out swinging costumed in a full suit, fedora, and suspenders, opening with the iconic spooky piano string from Halloween (the movie, that is) into a massive drop that automatically got the crowd dancing. His set spanned his entire musical portfolio, bringing in his original tracks “All I Ask of You” and the iconic “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” with some of his newest productions, including the infections Bieber track “Sorry” (admit it, you love it too, don’t try to fight it). As a self-pronounced super-fan of Skrillex, I was more than pleased with his performance, mixing some of his classic live-set mash-ups with new surprises that made me and the rest of the crowd scream with excitement. When his set ended with his as of late iconic “Get Free” x “Cinema” x “Where are ü Now” mash-up, it almost seemed too short. Thankfully, DJ Sliink took to the stage to keep the crowd going, making sure to drop track after track to get everyone going. It was the perfect ending to an epic Halloween night.

While any trap tastemaker would leave this show jaw-on-the-floor amazed by all of the talent in one night, a lot of the performances seemed lost on the spaced-out crowd. With thousands of fans packed into main area of the pier, it was easy to see fights breaking out left and right, possibly due to having to push through an endless sea of costumes just to run to the restroom or just general agitation of being smashed up against other humans for a prolonged period of time. While I loved the music, I disliked being pushed against a railing due to crowding, afraid to move in fear of never being able to maneuver myself to the same spot (even on the VIP platforms it was shoulder to shoulder). With any massive event like this, its to be assumed that it will be crowded, but even the Kaskade show one week before (which sold out that day) seemed less crowded than Halloween. Despite those slight discomforts, it was an unforgettable night!



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