It has certainly been an epic 7 months that I’ve lived in Orlando. All across the state there have been phenomenal shows going on. Personally, my taste is a little more geared for the underground scene. Not to say it doesn’t ever intertwine, because on Thursday, May 31st 2012, Florida’s top EDM organizers, Committee Entertainment, Dub Factory & EDMorlando, united for a special outdoor event in downtown Orlando featuring Knife Party and many of Florida’s top local artists & dj’s.

This Knife Party took place in the back parking lot of the Firestone club, where Dub Factory and several other groups have been organizing the weekly IGNITION parties. Let me briefly add that IGNITION is a very solid weekly line that has spiked a demand for EDM in Orlando to be available more nights during the week. It could not have been a better date. The week of May 31st was forecasted with thundershowers and heavy rain but there was no surprise that the forces of nature left this Thursday to be a beautiful sunny day for people to enjoy quality music in the great outdoors.

It was amazing to me how well organized everything was; closed streets were organized & patrolled by police officers. The Will Call & line to get in wasn’t too long and was very organized. The atmosphere was really friendly and once inside the parking lot fence I took a good look around me to see an early start to a successful gathering. It was 6pm when I got inside, just in time for Orlando residents Prime Minister & Irene Pardo. That’s when things started to get really loud. It was a loudness that everyone came for. Dub Factory is well known for the dubstep that gets thrown down. This was a solid serving that really got the party rolling on its feet. As people started to pour in it seemed as if it was almost going to rain but luckily the storm missed us and everyone witnessed a glorious sunset. Now the sun was down and all the flow lights and hoops were lighting up the grounds. This event was at a new level.

Following the Prime Minister & Irene sunset performance, Florida’s Team Jaguar & Vontour spun a more house electro vibe. It was not what I was expecting but I never object to variety. The Dj’s performed quality sets and equally quality performance from the production crew. There was no moment with out music. As soon as it started to get dark, the laser lights and other show production lightings of the rig were being put to use. For a party that was said to be 6 hours… boy did it feel a lot longer than that! In a good way! At some point or another you could see Rob Swire step out behind the mixer and you just see the whole crowd on the tips of their toes. There was no hesitation; Knife Party came out really strong. I knew it in the first minute of his performance how much I appreciated this event. This was the first performance from Knife Party since the release of their new album. This is not an album review but it’s fair to say the Knife Party album sounds killer.

There are a lot of good things I’d have to say about this event. I am a strong supporter of Dub Factory events. Each one that I have been to since I have moved down to Florida have all been experiences in themselves. The locations, music selection and performances just keep rising. There is a strong local and domestic support of Dub Factory. There was a nice percentage of attendees at Dub Factory parties are wearing the logo merchandise. There is a strong pride people are taking in the underground. Knife Party on May 31st was a summer start off bonanza to light the way for a beautiful season.

Review and photography by Sam Fisher

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This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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