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In between their looking for nudes and their crazy summer tour, the Dutch DJ/MC trio Dirtcaps is dropping their new EASTZANE WARRIORS EP together with the almighty Yellow Claw. When listening to the EP, you notice the several Barong family visits to the studio definitely have paid off. The boys developed a killer EP with a more so-called faster and aggressive house interpretation. One of the four tracks called “Flags Up” is the ultimate raver tune. Referring to ravers all over the world who are ready to turn up and put their flags up, representing their home countries. We can assure you the energy levels will be way way way up with this one. With support from Hardwell and W&W, this is going to be huge. Get ready because this is just the beginning of Dirtcaps and Yellow Claw’s true RAVOLUTION.
Dirtcaps consisting of Max Oude Weernink, Danny Groenenboom and Tim Haakmeester are rocking out clubs in Europe for years now. Not to forget their yearly summer tour, which always brings down the house. Their many talents of rocking out shows, taking the house sound to a next level and their over all killer productions didn’t go by unnoticed. They just signed with an American artist agency and announced their Australia tour. These two DJ’s filled with passion for their music and this energetic MC who completes their sets with rhymes and tremendous timing are ready. Ready to take their sound all across the globe!
Their sound is new, surprising, and taking over the world. What started as a way of exploring the gap between Hip Hop and EDM turned out to be a successful concept at the nightclub Jimmy Woo in Amsterdam and eventually developed into a successful dj project. You may say that Yellow Claw is more than the average dj project, with their all round trademark skills, ways of interaction with the audience, music videos, own record label, own clothing line and a never-ending refreshing sound. Their power: they keep reinventing their selves. So you never know what’s going to be next. That right there is exactly what the boys will bring you in the future.
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