Dan Farber Set to Release Middle Eastern Jungle EPDecember 9 on Dim Mak Records

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Hailing from Tel Aviv, Dan Farber is gearing up to release his debut Dim Mak EP Middle Eastern Jungle on December 9. Anchored in a foundation of trap and bass, Middle Eastern Jungle also draws a heavy influence from the traditions of the Middle East, creating a unique concoction of sound that is both hard-hitting and melodically intriguing. With this five track offering, Dan Farber takes the listener on a journey that not only gives the listener a taste of his home country, but also provides a glimpse of what this truly original artist has to offer.Dan Farber began his career at a young age as the in-house producer, writer, and composer for “TACT,” Israel’s highly acclaimed hip-hop label. Dan’s single “Tel-Avivi” was a smash club hit that echoed far beyond the boundaries of the Holy Land, and introduced an international audience to his rhythmic arsenal. He went on to perform all around the world, exposing thousands of new people to his highly regarded sound.

After his time spent globetrotting as the herald of Israeli hip-hop, Dan was ready to focus on his own production company. He has since composed, written, and produced for many top pop and indie superstars in the US and Israel. Determined to perfect his sound as a producer, Dan spent 2 years as a sound engineer developing his mixing skills. His time spent studying took his sonic knowledge to a new level entirely.

Dan’s trap side-project has taken off since he entered the space in 2011. He’s been featured on “Potato will Eat you” (Diplo, Skrillex, & A-Trak’s YouTube channel), and released tracks on Mad Decent and Buygore Records (each of which broke the Top 10 Hip Hop Beatport Chart). Dan has made a huge buzz across the EDM scene in very little time, racking in over 2 million plays on his banger “Bootyzilla” and more than half a million plays on his remix of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze”.

Dan’s versatile production style ranges from classic electronic to urban beats with extreme sampling skills. With tracks ranging from melodic, chill, deep sounds to heavy bangers, Dan is always surprising his audience with what’s yet to come.


1. Dan Farber – Middle Eastern Jungle (Interlude)
2. Dan Farber – Middle Eastern Jungle
3. Dan Farber – Smoke That
4. Dan Farber – Bellydancer
5. Dan Farber – Seizure Dance

Dan Farber


Dim Mak Records

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