For the first time in its history, Ultra Music Festival is introducing a minimum age of attendance to its flagship festival in Miami.
Beginning with its 2015 edition, confirmed for March 27, 28 and 29 2015, Ultra Music Festival will now only allow those aged 18 years and older to attend the event.
In an official statement made today, Ultra Music Festival organizers explained the change:
“While we sincerely value the incredible ongoing support from our younger fans, we ultimately believe that Ultra Music Festival is a premium event geared towards adults. This decision has been made to reinforce and promote the safety of all Ultra Music Festival fans and to ensure the overall enjoyment of all future attendees. We are extremely grateful for all the support we have received from our younger fan base to date and we encourage them to attend the festival once they reach the appropriate age. Until then, our free YouTube stream ‘ULTRA LIVE’ is available worldwide for everyone, all ages to enjoy and to share in the Ultra experience.”
Newly hired Ultra Music Festival Security Director and former Miami Beach Police Chief Ray Martinez, further expressed his optimism towards the decision:
“The first step to having fun is feeling safe,” Martinez said, “We have chosen to adopt several new measures during next year’s festival to ensure our event is safe and secure. The first step to preserving the unique atmosphere that Ultra is famous for is to be proactive in attracting the right crowd.”
The next edition of Ultra Music Festival will take place March 27, 28, and 29, 2015 at Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. Pre-Registration for tickets will open on September 15, 2014. Thereafter, information can be found at
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About Ultra Worldwide™
ULTRA WORLDWIDE is the global brand of the World’s Premier Electronic Music event ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL.
The ULTRA brand, which was founded in 1997 by Executive Producer, President & CEO Russell Faibisch, started producing electronic music events in Florida, which led to the inaugural Ultra Music Festival in 1999 on the sands of Miami Beach. The internationally renowned festival, which has taken place every March since its inception, celebrated its 16th anniversary from March 28-30, 2014 by bringing over 165,000 music enthusiasts to the sold out waterfront event in the heart of the City of Miami.
Choosing to follow a unique, creative vision and a wholly organic growth focused around a true love for music, artists and fans alike, the Ultra and Ultra Worldwide brand represent not only the world’s biggest and most successful remaining INDEPENDENT electronic music festival brand, they are now the most international of any festival brand in the world by far. They continue to transport the unrivalled experience from the Miami flagship festival to an ever-growing number of destinations and fans all over the globe.
Over the past 16 years, literally thousands of the world’s most iconic DJs, producers and live acts have mesmerized audiences with awe-inspiring sets at Ultra festivals in ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, CHILE, CROATIA, IBIZA, KOREA, SOUTH AFRICA and of course MIAMI, and ROAD TO ULTRA events in CHILE, COLOMBIA, PARAGUAY, SEOUL, TAIWAN, THAILAND AND TOKYO. Each and every new global edition has been founded on the same successful formula that has been perfected over 16 years in Miami, combining the most diverse electronic talent with the most technologically advanced, large scale festival productions in the world.
In addition, the ULTRA brands have pioneered the live stream service ‘ULTRA LIVE’ (whereby the festival experience is brought online to over 15 million unique viewers globally) and the audio broadcasting platform ‘UMF RADIO’ (syndicated to FM Radio in over 30 countries reaching more than 11 million listeners weekly). Also, ‘UMF FILMS’’ collaboration with FINAL KID has seen some of the most visually breathtaking festival after-movies in their class, including a feature-length documentary exploring the latest explosion of dance music, entitled CAN U FEEL IT, which premiered at the Ultra Music Festival, Miami 2012 and was subsequently exhibited in over 500 theaters across the Unites States.
In 2014, the ULTRA and ULTRA WORLDWIDE brands have continued to push the boundaries, bringing its unparalleled combination of cutting edge production and the world’s best electronic acts back to previous strongholds and new frontiers across the globe. With its new edition breaking records in SOUTH AFRICA in February 2014, and the inaugural edition of the already sold-out ULTRA JAPAN, which is set for September 27-28, 2014, the Ultra brand will have seen festivals in EIGHT COUNTRIES and FIVE CONTINENTS across the globe.

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