Twalle’s remix of KSHMR &Felix Snow, “Touch” is the newest release from the talented producer and DJ. Twalle has been igniting the music scene since 2009; his diverse sets have everyone on every dance floor moving. Known for mixing and manipulating everyone’s favorite songs into new and even more energetic masterpieces, Twalle is a master at recognizing what the crowd and music fans want. Raging venues all over the world, including Miami, New York and Cancun, Twalle’s no stranger to what people want to hear, and this is evident in his newest bootleg remix KSHMR & Felix Snow, “Touch” (Twalle Remix).





The Twalle remix of KSHMR & Felix Snow, “Touch” keeps the smooth electric feeling, but adds a beautiful edgy groove that allows the soul and vocals to shine. Dance floor lovers will appreciate the increase in energy here, while those who love the vocalist, Madi, will be grateful that the vocals remain intact.
Fresh off the Inception at Sea boat party, Twalle is now back in the states and has not skipped a beat since. Playing some of the largest events of their kind, including the Aqua Water Festival and Life in Color. Sharing the stage with names like Chainsmokers and Bingo Players, Twalle feels right at home.

Tyler Wallick, better known as ‘Twalle,’ has left his hometown in RI and is now a full time resident of NY in order to focus on more studio time. Fans and media alike are looking forward with excited anticipation of the tracks he has in the works to be released later this year.
KSHMR & Felix Snow, “Touch” (Twalle Remix) will be released July 12, 2016.
Listen to KSHMR & Felix Snow, “Touch” (Twalle Remix), here:


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