Skrillex at Marquee NY

There’s no denying that Skrillex loves to play in New York City. After his “Takeover” tour in February 2014 that spanned five different venues in Brooklyn over a week (including a “secret” warehouse) fans knew it wouldn’t be long until his return to the Big Apple. This time he chose to take over the illustrious Marquee NY, known for its state of the art sound, sexy vibes, and beautiful people. Unlike previous shows, Marquee’s 21+ policy made the typical Skrillex crowd much more bearable, allowing for an incredible night of music. With support from DJ Fresh Direct and DJ Mustard, Marquee curated a envy-inducing line-up for those unable to attend.

Starting the night off right was DJ Fresh Direct. Despite his name, he did not deliver groceries to the Marquee clientele but did drop beats left and right to immediately get the crowd moving. He kept the opening set familiar, mixing pop songs to sing along to such as Rihanna’s “Talk that Talk” and Kanye West’s “The Good Life” with EDM hits such as Oliver Helden’s “Gecko”. Fans immediately responded to each new track as the intimate club filled up early in the night. Next up, late addition to the line-up DJ Mustard kept the vibe going with a mixture of hip-hop and trap beats from Azealia Banks, Travis Porter feat. Tyga and more. These tracks were hyped up with crossover tracks like Major Lazer’s “Aerosol Can” which features Pharrell on vocals and unique dance beat. Needless to say, by the time Skrillex took to the stage around 1:00am, the crowd had already burned their fair share of calories for the evening from dancing.

The only way I can describe the scene as Sonny Moore stepped into Marquee’s booth is that of a frenetic flash mob, with every single person erupting into their own dance. Despite Marquee’s intimate feel and the well advertised sold out show, There was still room to dance and not feel suffocated. Skrillex used numerous remixes from his most recent EP “Recess” including the albums cover track, along with “Stranger” featuring Milo & Otis and his remix of Niki and The Dove’s “Easy My Mind”. You could immediately tell Skrillex was having a blast with his set, playfully teasing tracks like “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” and Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” with an unreleased Jack U track from himself and collaborator Diplo (which wasn’t revealed until the next day at his Sirius XM Broadcast). Despite being one of the most innovative producers in the industry, Skrill’s DJ sets appeal to multiple genre-lovers, from hip-hop and trap to deep house and breakbeats. And who can ignore the signature sound of his older tracks like “Bangarang”, “Breakin’ a Sweat” featuring The Doors, and “Rock N’ Roll” and newer remixes like Duck Sauce’s “NRG” that he remixed with Milo and Otis. His set ebbed and flowed from hard hitting basslines and a fast BPM to flowing vocals from his original track “Summit” with Ellie Goulding and his remix to Nero’s promises. It was definitely a night to remember for those lucky enough to fill Marquee’s dancefloor.

While many people find Skrillex and dubstep to be an easy scapegoat nowadays, fans that saw his show at Marquee know how incredibly talented and innovative he truly is as both a DJ and producer… And despite the show being super bassy, the crowd was respectful, estatic, and appreciative of the night shared with one another. I can only hope that Skrillex returns to the legendary Marquee NY in the future for more shows filled with good vibes and great music.


Originally written for ENL by Maggie Popovich

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