at The Brooklyn Mirage 
August 8 2015 2pm – 9am
Day through Night, Outdoor to Indoor
Stephan Bodzin (live) – Danny Howells – Doc Martin
Matthias Meyer – Jay Tripwire – Atish b2b Hoj
Nitin – YokoO – NikitaVisuals by Projektil
Lighting by Oxygen Eventworks

Sound by KV2 Audio
On August 8th, the last Cityfox event at The Brooklyn Mirage until the end of September, and a collection of stellar and legendary artists to take us through a day and night marathon of music.An outdoor & indoor, day into night festival in East Williamsburg, Stephan Bodzin, Danny Howells and company will showcase their expertise and why they’re living legends at The Brooklyn Mirage, built to offer an oasis of sound and comfort the likes of which NYC has never seen for this July through September only. Enjoy the music over KV2 Audio’s expansive and crystalline sound, with Projektil’s immersive projection mapping and Oxygen Eventworks lighting installations at a venue meticulously designed to create a sense of warmth and intimacy, platforms and levels for viewing Brooklyn and the city, an indoor lounge for breaks during the day, two rooms of music at night, fine dine and drink, creature comforts and so many other details, it is truly a Mirage: now you see it, at summer’s end you won’t.

Day portion is rain or shine, event can take place indoors in case of inclement weather.
Past Cityfox Events
Time Lapse of Construction: https://youtu/be/AlGdru9EqSY

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